Dredge Up the Fabled City of Atlantis from the Aegean Sea

In Islands of Atlantis, make myth reality as you dredge up the fabled city in the Aegean Sea. Make islands with varied land types and sets of different artefacts for the most points! Try to make your islands more valuable and to try to maximise the number of islands to score, but push your luck too far and spell disaster: the game ends as soon as a player is unable to add to their islands.

Islands of Atlantis is a flexible tile-placement roll-and-write for 1 to 6 players and is played with only a Player Sheet you can print at home for each player, five standard six-sided dice (two of which in one colour, and three in another), and a pen or pencil for each player. Each round, the active player rolls the dice and sets one aside, just for them! Then each player picks a combination of dice to determine what type of land to add and how big that piece of land will be. If this island is then to your liking, you can choose to populate it, scoring it, but also stopping you from adding more to it. Unlock dice powers as you score islands to make your life easier. The game ends when any player is not able to use any of the dice combinations in a round, after which the player with the most points from their islands wins.

When playing solo, the player always removes the lowest die from the game, making for an easy to remember, yet challenging solo mode.