Previous Clients & Collaborators

“Extremely talented and thoughtful.
Pleasure to work with.

Always provided actionable feedback and ultimately the game was better because of it.”

“Joey was able to take my rough prototype and bring it to life.

I was struggling to get my game to work within the required form factor and Joey found a great compromise that kept my game whole while still meeting the form factor.”

“Working with Joey on PenSylvania was a pleasure.
He made the best parts of a game shine while while staying true to the original vision. His passion for roll and write games really comes through in every role he takes on, and I would work with him again in an instant.”

“Working with Joey on the Dice and Ink Anthology was a pleasure, and he took great care in making sure the original files were returned to me for use later. He’s a real fount of game ideas and feedback! He also has been hugely supportive and helpful in providing resources for further developing board games in the digital playspace.”

“Joey is kind, efficient, and good at getting stuff done.”

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