In PenSylvania, you are in charge of a small lumber village called Sylvania, situated at the edge of the forest. Head into the forest and explore to cut and haul lumber to expand your town, or forage for mushrooms that you can sell later. Buy tools, build pastures, sell goods, and construct buildings to upgrade your village and make your life easier. Autumn is not without its festivals though: a mid-season bonfire is an opportune time to capture the hearts of your fellow villagers. At the end of Autumn, your village will be scored on the money you have made, buildings you have constructed, and boars you have in your pastures. PenSylvania is a resource management roll-and-write for 1 to 4 players, and is played with only a Player Sheet you can print at home for each player, five standard six-sided dice, an optional player aide you can print, and a pen or pencil for each player. Each round, the active player will pick either the two highest or three lowest dice and use those dice for the various actions they can take. The other players use the set the Active Player did not pick. Players may perform their various actions simultaneously. Once everyone has completed their actions, the Active Player role gets passed around, players cross off the day on the calendar, and a new turn starts. Once all days are crossed off, players tally their score, and the player with the highest score wins.


PenSylvania was originally designed for Dice and Ink: A Roll-and-Write anthology, published by Inkwell Games. During this time, the designer - Nat Levan - and the current publisher - Joey Schouten - worked closely together to produce this tile placement roll-and-write. When Inkwell Games closed, all of the rights to this game - from the game's design all the way down to the graphic design and rule book - reverted to Nat Levan. Now, PenSylvania is being republished by the spiritual sucessor to Inkwell Games, Schouten Games.


  • Resource management roll-and-write board game
  • Explore the forest for materials
  • Expand and develop your village for points
  • Buy tools to upgrade your actions
  • Plays solo or with up to four players
  • Easy to print at home in both standard and low-ink versions
  • Only requires a few standard six-sided dice


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